Cut Pile

Cut pile is a carpet fabric. In this type of weave the face of the carpet is composed of cut ends of pile yarn. The tops of the loops are cut in an uniform length. Cut Pile is one of the most popular constructions for carpets. Cut Pile is durable but the durability depends upon the type of fiber, density of the tufts and the amount of twist in the yarn.

The cut pile is always twisted so that the shape is maintained uniformly. The tighter the twist is, the less bulky is the carpet, which does not show the footprints. Looser twisting creates a luxurious look and feel but it does not hold its shape well.

Cut Pile Fabric

  • Cisele Velvet
  • Velvet Satin
  • Velour - Heavier than velvet.
  • Saxony - This is a dense cut pile where the yarns are treated to make each tuft end distinguishable at the surface.