Double Knit | Double Knit Fabric

Double knit is a circular knit fabric, which has loops on both sides, front as well as back. Double knit is made with a double set of needles to create a double thickness of fabric. Each thickness of the Double knit fabric is joined by interlocking stitches. An article of double knit is a two faced clothe. Either side can be utilized as the right side.

Double knit fabrics a type of fabric originated in Milan and Florence. Double knit fabric is constructed on multi-feed circular knitting machines. The two layers of loops formed is not possible to separate. The Double knit fabric is very sturdily constructed and is heavier in weight. Double knit fabric controls the shrinkage and dry-cleans well.
Types of Double a Knit
  • Cotton Double Knit
  • Wool Double Knit
Cotton, wool, worsted, silk, rayon and synthetics are favourable for double knit.

Uses of Double Knit
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Tunics
  • Jackets
  • Scarfs
  • Hats
  • Doublets
  • Bandages (the single knit curls)

Uncut Pile | Loop Pile

Uncut pile, also known as loop pile or rounded loops, is a finish of the fabric without cutting the yarns. The Fabrics with uncut pile is very strong because the loops of the yarn run continuously from face of the carpet through its back. Added backing helps to strengthen it further. The regularity or irregularity of the loops, the height and texture of the yarn is determined by the surface and texture of the uncut pile. The strongest carpet is made with uncut pile weave.

Uncut pile has clear detail in design. It is soft, beautiful and hugs the floor better. It has more longevity than other carpet weaves. Hand towels, bath towels, extra large and beach towels are uncut piles for greater wear of the fabric.

Loop Pile Fabric

  • Terry Cloth
  • Terry Velour - A pile weave cotton fabric with an uncut pile on one side and a cut pile on the reverse side.
  • Moquette - A warp-pile upholstery fabric. The pile may be either cut or uncut, or patterned with cut and uncut pile.
  • French Terry - A knitted fabric that is smooth on one side and has an uncut loop pile on the underside. Not quite as heavy as Fleece.
  • Frise - Made usually with uncut loops in all-over pattern.
  • Cisele Velvet - A velvet with a pattern formed by contrast in cut and uncut loops

Cut Pile

Cut pile is a carpet fabric. In this type of weave the face of the carpet is composed of cut ends of pile yarn. The tops of the loops are cut in an uniform length. Cut Pile is one of the most popular constructions for carpets. Cut Pile is durable but the durability depends upon the type of fiber, density of the tufts and the amount of twist in the yarn.

The cut pile is always twisted so that the shape is maintained uniformly. The tighter the twist is, the less bulky is the carpet, which does not show the footprints. Looser twisting creates a luxurious look and feel but it does not hold its shape well.

Cut Pile Fabric

  • Cisele Velvet
  • Velvet Satin
  • Velour - Heavier than velvet.
  • Saxony - This is a dense cut pile where the yarns are treated to make each tuft end distinguishable at the surface.