Uses of Dobby Weave

A good example of dobby weave is stripes or waffle cloth but the designs need to be straight vertically or horizontally.
Heavyweight dobby fabrics are used as home furnishings and for heavy apparel.

Dobby Fabrics and textiles

Moss Crepe

What is Dobby Weave

Dobby weave is a patterned fabric like jacquard weave but the patterns are smaller. Dobby Weave produces an allover figured fabrics. The figures are bird's eye, small diamonds with a dot at the center, or smaller geometric patterns. The construction of the Dobby weave is very complex and the design is repeated frequently.

Dobby weave is created on dobby machines. The machine selectively raises some warp threads and selectively depresses others with the help of a dobby card. Dobbies vary in weight or compactness. It ranges from very fine to coarse and fluffy yarns. The standard dobbies are generally flat and relatively fine or sheer.

Rib Weave Fabrics

Cord fabric

Properties of Rib Weave

Rib weave has a substantially higher number of yarns per inch only in one direction. Several yarns are grouped together to form one. The resulting fabrics of rib weave are abrasion resistant and have tear strength.