Leno Weave

What is Leno Weave / Leno Weaving
Leno weave has two or more warp threads crossing over each other and interlacing with one or more than one filling threads. A leno weave fabric is very sheer and durable with no yarn slippage. It is stronger and firmer permitting the passage of both light and air through it.
Leno weave fabric is also called as gauze or doup weave. The fabric was primarily used to prevent shifting of fibers in the open weave fabrics. It maintains uniformity of threads and minimises the distortion of threads.
Characteristics of Leno Weave
  • It has open-weave effect.
  • It has low yarn count.
  • It is a good dimensional stability.
  • It has lesser yarn slippage.

 Uses of Leno Weave
  • Grinding wheel reinforcement
  • Light-weight membrane
  • Laminating fabrics
  • Merquisette